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Saturday, 8th September, 2012

Started adding new sections to site. A repository for ACME data sheets has been created. If you've lost yours, or want to see how easy our products are to use, take a look.

Revised production of our 7/8" scale kits continues apace. First to roll off the production line is the Festiniog slate wagon. At only £19 for the complete kit, including wheels and buffers, we feel this represents terrific value. See our price list page.

Sunday 2nd September 2012

Have you seen the pre-production image of the new Accucraft 7/8" Hunslet alongside our new slate wagon kit, in our section on CNC laser cut kits in 7/8" scale?

I've had numerous requests asking whether I could fit radio control. Based upon what I saw, the answer is yes, albeit a tight fit, I will be able to offer this service.

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